garden posterGarden posters: an instant holiday at home

As you know, living in the UK generally means that you can count the sunny days in any given year on two hands, but this needn’t prevent you from enjoying leisure time in your garden. Of course, we often decide to spend our leisure time at faraway sunny destinations, but is there a way of generating that holiday feeling without even leaving the garden? A garden poster will certainly help in this regard. Even when the sun hasn’t got his hat on, a stunning photo in the heart of your garden can create that soothing sense of being on vacation in an instant!

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A garden poster made-to-measure

There are two fundamental options to consider when ordering made-to-measure garden posters from us, and within those options the possibilities are infinite. You can either choose a professionally taken photo from our extensive image library, or you can give your garden a touch of true originality by simply uploading your own photo for us to print. Either way, your poster is certain to receive many compliments and admiring glances from inquisitive guests as they wander around your new-look garden. So don’t forget to tell them how to find us!

We can even print your garden poster in any size that suits your particular requirements, so if you have an unsightly old shed or unattractive wall that needs disguising, simply provide us with the measurements and we’ll do the rest. Whether your poster is large or small, your garden will be full of colour in no time!

garden posterGarden posters are easy to set up

The best thing about our garden posters is their versatility. Whether you have a smallish city garden or a vast outdoor space the size of a football field, your garden is sure to be enhanced when you introduce a canvas to its environment. You can choose from a wide variety of suspension types to hang your poster. Would you prefer a frame made of aluminium or wood? Perhaps you don’t even require a hanging system at all, in which case you can choose a self-adhesive poster! There are 9 available hanging systems in total, and whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional landscape gardener, we’ll happily advise you on choosing the right one for you.

Pioneers in the production of garden posters

We are pioneers in the production of garden posters, and we were the first to bring them to the UK market. Our proven record over many territories (our main location the Netherlands, Germany, …) demonstrates the quality of our products, and we offer a 3 year warranty that will guarantee colour integrity in even the harshest weather, by which time most of our clients have chosen a new poster in any case!

You’ll receive a 5 year warranty on all of our hanging systems, which have also been tried and tested in the worst possible weather, and are a piece of cake to set up.

Go to and take a look at all the possible hanging systems on offer. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for, and in the process of doing so, you’ll hopefully find some inspiration for your own garden poster. The possibilities really are limitless.

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Order your poster online

You can order your garden poster right from your home. On our website you can enter the dimensions of the canvas, choose your desired hanging system and of course you can select the image you want. We have a large library filled with photos and you can even upload your own photo.

After a few clicks you will immediately see the price of your poster. No surprises! You can safely pay your order online through our secured servers. Within one week you'll receive the poster at your home.

(available with cm accuracy)

Available up to
10 metres X 4 metres

  • A three-year colour guarantee
  • Non reflecting cloth
  • Tested outside for 17 years!
  • Washable
  • Weatherproof


Dtp Studio Schuurman created in 2004. We were the first company in Europe to manufacture these unique outdoor canvases.

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