Beautiful outdoor wall art

You might not have heard of outdoor canvases, but we’re on a mission to enlighten you. Not only does an outdoor canvas bring colour to your garden, but it also adds a personal touch at relatively little expense. The canvases retain their colours for several years, which means that your wall art is an excellent investment that will give you many years of priceless enjoyment.

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Outdoor wall art made-to-measure

Having invented the outdoor canvas, we launched the product onto the European market and have enjoyed continuous success over many years. Our aim now is to build upon this established success by expanding our vision to the UK. Our website allows you to order outdoor wall art of any size up to 10 x 5 metres. Whether you want something small and discreet, or large and prominent, we can print it to your exact specification. We have a vast and varied library of photos to choose from, so whether your idea of tranquil beauty is a buddha statue or a grazing cow, a sunny beach in Greece or a lavender field in France, the chances are that we have a photo that will catch your fancy. But we don’t stop there. If you have your own artistic vision that you’d like to realize, then you can upload your own photo and we’ll print it for you on an outdoor canvas. What could be more original than owning your very own personal outdoor wall art?!

Endless possibilities

Our outdoor wall art is very easy to set up, no matter what kind of space you have available in your garden. We have 9 different hanging systems to choose from, so if you want to cover up a bland wall or ugly shed, then perhaps a self-adhesive canvas would suit your needs; but if you have sufficient space and wish to put your wall art on display, then the best option would be to choose an aluminium tube or wooden hanging system to show off your canvas. Explore the possibilities on offer and take time to have a look at our examples page, which will help you visualize the dazzling potential of what can be achieved.

Quality-assured outdoor canvases with warranty

Heavy rain and mud do not adversely affect our canvases, which are 100% washable and come with a 3 year warranty. We use state-of-the-art printing techniques that guarantee long-lasting colour integrity for every image we print. Even the Sun’s beaming rays will have little or no effect on the colours! You’ll also receive a 5 year warranty on any hanging system you choose. As pioneers in the production of outdoor canvases our reliable reputation has been consolidated over many years, a fact which is amply reflected by the selection of customer testimonials on our website.

Your photo as outdoor wall art

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Anyone can afford outdoor wall art

Unlike plants and flowers, which often need to be replaced or replenished, our outdoor wall artworks are built to last. Having been active in the Netherlands and Belgium for almost a decade, we are now broadening our horizons and aiming to conquer the UK with our innovative products. The success of our flexible and proven system, which allows customers to either choose from thousands of professional photos or any image from their personal collection, leads us to believe that we can successfully branch out into new territory.

This flexibility even extends to the exact sizing of our products, which can be made-to-measure according to your desired specification. When you enter your preferred dimensions for a canvas through our online ordering system, the information is immediately processed and the price is automatically calculated. As soon as your order is confirmed, our printers begin the task of printing your image, and within a few days the canvas will be delivered to your doorstep. No matter what the season, you are bound to enjoy the end result. And why not spread the love and give someone special a canvas as a present? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more original gift!

(available with cm accuracy)

Available up to
10 metres X 4 metres

  • A three-year colour guarantee
  • Non reflecting cloth
  • Tested outside for 17 years!
  • Washable
  • Weatherproof


Dtp Studio Schuurman created in 2004. We were the first company in Europe to manufacture these unique outdoor canvases.

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